Sony w800 camera price in usa - MUST READ BEFORE BUYING

sony w800 camera price in usa


 I am a professional photographer and own two DSLR cameras with a various lenses. However that collection does not eliminate the need for a handy item for just daily needs. I keep sony w800 camera price in usa one especially in my car's glove box as a reserve for occasions which require something better than my cell phone camera. For that purpose it meets my expectations and even exceeds it. Yet, this is still a snap shot device with a relatively low price tag and therefore a DSLR level quality (like background blurring, high shutter speed, high level of low light performance etc.)should not be expected.

Lightweight slim and stylish : It can fit in small spaces and look and feel like a high quality item. -USB charging ability: That is one of the selling points for me. I keep it in my car and I don't want to run out of power any time or go through the hassle of removing the battery and charging it separately ,which requires carrying the charging adapter all the time and also the ability to plug in that adapter. Instead. all I do is to connect it to my 12V car USB charger and it pretty quickly accumulates good amount of charge level... It comes with a wall adapter which connects to a detachable USB cable (so you can use the cable and attach it to any USB charger). -Easy menu mode: One of the most user-friendly interfaces I have seen so far.
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